Our Story

We are a small business born from a desire to give kids a true joy of engineering practical solutions to their everyday problems, in a package of surprises, delivered straight to their doorstep. We ourselves are a group of passionate engineering students, makers, and educators who have experimented with many STEM kits on the market, only to be dissapointed with finding projects that failed to be useful in our daily lives. This kick-started our journey of creating and brainstorming Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for kids that will them to work on projects they can use everyday and not just end up in the closet or trash after a project is completed. At the same time, learning about fundamental skills in coding, electronics, and mechanical concepts while getting familiar with currrent technolgy in 3D printing, micro-controllers and laser cutting. 

We hope you and your kids enjoy working on the projects as much as we enjoy designing and testing them!

Than you!

The TinkaBox Team

Realisitc rendering of lamp and phyo.PNG
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